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Wretched Pain
Wretched pain that tears inside
When it can no more hide
You’re not alone in the heart wrenching
Take comfort others feel the same thing
What a lie it all is
Whoever said so this is
Comfort as you close your eyes
Killing time you wish it flies
Heart wrenching and squeezing
So easy to stop your breathing
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To merely exist is the Struggle
Fighting the world as it pushes back
Purposeless, the needingful alack
To breathe is the struggle
To bathe is the battle
Drawn back punching and kicking
An empty war I am fighting
Fill my soul
Drown me whole
Feel the cold
Icing all
Breathless vapours leave your lips
Lifeless feelings leave your tips
Fight the world as it pushes back
Find the purpose, fill the cracks
:iconrazaala:Razaala 1 1
These Tears
It's only emotion, these tears
That promise to release your fears
The frown on your face
The crease of your skin
As your tears race
Waiting for a new begin
What comes out, not just salt water
What it’s about, is forever after
Drops of pain flow past your cheeks
As truth creaks and peeks
Something you can no more cheat
What a special treat
Teardrops, emotions of pain
From which we should gain
Hard to see from here
When sadness drips
Hard to face the fears
When painful water streaks
What a beautiful thing it is
When tears give a gentle kiss
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Splintered Mind
Splintered mind all over, still one
Battle with the plaster that can't be won
My mind runs a marathon
Thoughts hop on and on
Rest is shrillingly shunned
As my world has shrunk
Zooming zany insane
Wondering what's wrong with my brain
Happiness that is pain
Here I stop again
:iconrazaala:Razaala 1 3
Night-time Delusions
Bricks on eyes that force them down
Twilight of closing eyes that moves the ground
In corners shapes and sounds are betrayers
Creeping up on you, imaginary slayers
Peripheral vision
Postulate delusion
The last snap shut of eyes
Make sure to obliterate the lies
Inviting softness of engulfing wings
Protection from slicing scenes
The motherly touch that we all miss
Rest my soul with a goodnight kiss
Eyes that weep
Elusive sleep
Exhausted mind
Rest cannot find
Red strobing lights
Eyelids given fright
Hot and painful mind
The kind I anger at
Brains, my teeth grind
Heating up to contract
:iconrazaala:Razaala 2 3
it's meeeeeeeeeee :iconrazaala:Razaala 3 2
Precious Moments
Every precious moment that we live
Is gone in a second
Every emotion that we feel
Should never be forgotten
We live so fast, to die so young
Not stopping to listen, to the bird's morning song
Every day we trod on by
Dwelling over our own sad cries
Not realising what we miss
The breeze in the air, a gentle kiss
To our family and friends
The ones who are with us 'til the end
Through ups and downs and all between
What we never say can always be seen
Our love for our close ones never end
Through spirit, my whole heart I will send
Though I never say but always feel
I love them all beyond what is real
For my baby that I love
Who came to me from above
To bring me out of my dark storm
Into sunlit gardens at my dawn
A simple breath I appreciate
The chance to live and see the days
What is given to me precious and dear
I try to take without no fear
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Bipolar Balance
Our being is never forever
Our lives begin in a vulnerable child
So we make haste to make it fuller
But should not forget all the while
Our life is not a goal
But a road for out souls
We ride this road and learn
To laugh, to cry, to ravage, to burn
A search for happiness is futile
When a balance is much more worthwhile
The extent of our emotions show
The being inside we try to know
We feel joy and also pain
From both, so much can be gained
So sob when you cry
Laugh when you smile
Our feelings and life only last for a while
:iconrazaala:Razaala 0 0
Why do you stare?
I'm back again to a place I just can't get out of
I'm falling again, drowning soul without love
Is it that I can't see what's given to me
Or is it real that there's no one but me?
I'm all alone, again
It's all been done, again
When I was climbing up the hill
I didn't see the way I'd fall down
When I finally had the will
It all just came crashing down
When everyone around me, doesn't seem to care
I just want someone to show me, that I'm really there
Don't ignore me
Don't look at me
Don't scrutinize me
Why do you stare at me?
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Peaceful Sunday Afternoon
On a beautiful Sunday, afternoon
After all the hard days, gone so soon
Terrifying pain
Mortifying sorrow
Overworks your brain
But let your heart just follow
On a peaceful Sunday afternoon
The birds go by and leave their tune
Let your worries fly just for a while
Can't we simply smile, and let all slide
Listen to your heart
when it's open wide
Shut out your mind
when  it's cramped inside
Believe in the life that you have
What else is left, when it's all gone by
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Beauty in the Darkness
The imbalance makes me possessive
Over everything, I get obsessive
The highs and lows aren't only emotions
But extremities in life that have no medium
Night falls and my eyes burn
But sleep is far away as I toss and turn
Too much thinking, it won't stop
My brain carries on as my mood it drops
Too many why's that aren't answered
Too many ties that I have severed
Do I chop them out my life?
Or have I been discreetly
pushed out the light
The problems start again
They never seem to end
Once again I feel the pain
I hope this isn't my last strand.
To find beauty in the darkness
It feels strange, but lessens the madness
:iconrazaala:Razaala 0 0
Alone again
Sleepless nights, dreaming days
Life slips away, gone in a haze
Arms keep on bleeding, my wrists they're encircling
But don't get me wrong, it's not a suicide song
My insides are swollen
Hopes and dreams have been broken
I'm repulsive, I can't keep
Just abusive, when you stay
Can't take the loneliness no more
A thousand tears have fallen before
I won't let myself die, again
Even if I cry out, in my pain
I can't let myself go
That much I know
So I'll have to remain
And feel my pain
One day I'll go crazy
Hopefully happy
If I just can't die
For everyone around me
I'm back again,
To a place I can't get out of
I'm falling again,
Drowning soul without love
Everyone around me
Doesn't seem to care
I just want someone to show me
That I'm really there
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Just in Case (Sorry but Goodbye)
Just in case
I fade away
If by chance
I will be gone
Let me say
Just in case
My life is done
And I am gone
I love you all
First and most of all
I am aware
That you all care
I've stayed alive
All this while
Only for you
Not me at all
I tried and tried
But still did cry
My disease
Is all it is
I fight all day
To chase thoughts away
I don't even know
Why I feel so low
I know you're all here
And you love me very dear
If only I could
Explain to you, I would
The pain I feel inside
Is mine and only mine
Just in case
I do not wake
Let me say
Just for my sake
If I do somehow fall
None is your fault at all
But rather you've kept me safe
In my world of self-hate
You've been my light
Through my stormy night
If I have lived so far
It's only because you saw
The love and care you gave
Nothing could ever replace
You have a special place
Deep in my heart
And we'll always stay
Never far apart
This world is cruel
As we all know
I cannot take
Anything more
I'm sorry
I'm sorry
How many times
Can I say
I ne
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Wipe the tears from your eyes
And the blood from your arm
Together, the same, they're one
Sadness and pain left inside
Oh, little child
You were doing well
Oh, sweet delight
Where has your sugar gone?
Please love yourself
Respect yourself
Please keep yourself
Safe from yourself
I tried, to hold out for so long
So well for someone so alone
I kept myself from my self-harm
But insignificants pushed me down
Please, forgive me
I am afraid
Please, I'm so sorry
I promise I'll try again
Again, when you were so right
You've gone and done it again
You held out so long for the light
You couldn't handle the pain
Oh, little one
You cry inside
Oh, precious girl
You don't want to die
Please love yourself
Respect yourself
Please keep yourself
Safe from yourself
I am so mindless, so nothing, so everything
I feel too much when I, get pushed by the little things
Here I am
Arms help up
Please understand
I'm not giving up
Here I am
Getting up
See that I am
Dusting off
Pick myself up again
Ignore the scars,
:iconrazaala:Razaala 1 0
Indecision upon vanity
Indecision upon vanity
I don't like what I see
Why does it frustrate me so
It's only an outside that's for show
He's bad news from the start
Dripping blood he calls art
What are we even doing
Only each other but nothing fulfilling
Alone again, here we go
No more talking, we both know
But once outside, amidst the crowd
He'll not touch or show anything about
I agreed for this position
Him calling me what I am
But even lonely passion
Falls away, leaving nothing to stand
I am used, for us to amuse
I'm a whore, to stop being bored
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Blissful Bath
Blissful Bath
Surrounded by bubbles of happness
I lie and feel the water's sweet caress
Indulging in my own bliss
To myself, I give a gentle kiss
Savouring each moment of special delight
My heart and soul thrust into light
The only thought inside my mind
Is the moment through which I am intertwined
I rest my loving soul through time
And meditate on my own soft shine
My skin glows beauty by candlelight
Water trickles down my legs tonight
I feel my gentle touch to me
A new sensation, a sigh of relief
Goosebumps running down my spine
Butterflies flutter free inside
I sit and bathe in the water of love
And let my spirit fly with the freedom of a dove
As my body is immersed into the light
Thoughts disappear, emotional bliss shines bright
I take a moment just for me this once
And love myself into a sensual trance
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Red, orange, yellow, and green.
Look at all the colors that I
Have seen.
Blue, violet, blue-violet
What a perfect poem for
A child to play.
:iconhazyl:Hazyl 2 0
Too young to grow up
Too old to be a child
These feelings pent up
For more than awhile…
Too quiet to be noticed
Too loud to be ignored
With all in this life
How can I be bored?
Too thoughtful to give up
Too selfish to care
How much more of this pain
Can my poor soul bare?
Too blessed to be abused
Too violated to feel free
How in the world
Could all of this happen to me?
Too united to be missing
Too lonely to be found
I barely know what
Makes my world go round…
Too happy to ignore
Too troubled to acknowledge
How did I end up this way
With all of my knowledge?
Too creative to be ordinary
Too dull to be unique…
All of this uncertainty
Makes me feel like a freak…
Too difficult to be deciphered
Too simple to be misread
Unable to get this chaos
Out of my head…
Too pure to be tainted
Too corrupt to be clean
Powerless to figure out
What all of this means…
Too exhausted to keep writing
Too revived to end
This is one way
I help my heart mend…
:iconferretpants:FerretPants 309 92
BiPolar :iconraquel-cobi:raquel-cobi 1,120 301 220 - Touch of love :iconrussianlad:russianlad 658 53
Madness in Clear Form
I think I'm going crazy
My mind muddled and hazy
But maybe it's all just in my head
Yet I can't shake this feeling
That my thoughts are slowly peeling
And I can't help but feel full of dread
:iconbandanablue:BandanaBlue 3 14
like so many. :iconcanaryinthecathouse:CanaryInTheCathouse 1,871 176 Collage: Tree :iconaoi-kuma:aoi-kuma 73 113



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